Our Concept

Decades of development and urbanization have taken over the spaces for greenery. With more high-rises and smaller units being built in the limited urban space, outdoor gardens have become a luxury for those with spacious backyards.

But now, with Krypplant, you can bring back the once beloved garden indoor. Whether in the urban area or the retail center, it is now easier to start an indoor garden to fulfill what nature has presented to you, bringing life back into your daily life.

Begin with greenifying your space and your city.

Let’s do it


“The Future Garden Exist Everywhere” – krypplant


We want to inspire you to greenify your space, whatever the size. We want to make buying houseplant simple.


If you do not have a pet, plants can be your new pets. They enrich your living space and soften the contemporary environment, creating a lush sanctuary that invigorates and inspires you to reconnect with nature and thus, enhances your quality of life.

If you have a pet, we have pet-friendly plants for you too. Your new plants can coexist with your pet and make your home livelier.


You might have dreamt of getting a houseplant but are pulled back by the hassle or lack of space. With Krypplant, you can now realize your dream cozy corner with ease.


With our online order and home delivery services, you can save more time and the time saved can be spent on other endeavors to enhance your lifestyle.


We hope to inspire you to express your creativity. Through choosing your standee design and styling, pot color and baby plant, you can experiment with your artistic expression and add more vibrancy into your life. You will never have to put your expressive nature on a halt again.

“Express your eye for interior design and styling, and immerse in your very own horticultural therapy to achieve the relaxation and enjoyment that you deserve”

Live life to the fullest!

Krypplant Team