The Cube
12 months. 12 creative design expression.
That’s the inspiration of The Cube.
Express your creativity by changing the position of the standees.
Customize your own collection or go with our recommendation.
What’s in the collection?
+ 3 standees in different sizes
+ 3 pots
+ 3 houseplants
Our Collection
Experiment with various creative design expression through our refined and minimalist design collection. Turn the beauty of nature into a work of art. Trigger your creativity with greenery and feel invigorated and inspired again.
Your Journey, Our Story
Return to a home that is alive with an invigorating freshness of nature and aesthetic sentiment.
Our Concept
“Express your eye for green interior design and styling, and immerse in your own horticultural therapy to achieve the relaxation and enjoyment that you deserve. Live life to the fullest!”
“No matter how small the space of your urban home is, there is always a corner available for timeless green to grow, a corner that inspires positive change and appreciation for beauty and nature”
Why Krypplant?